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The Monkey’s Treehouse Play Space & Eatery in Brentwood, TN


The Monkey’s Treehouse Play Space & Eatery in Brentwood, TN, offers a unique and engaging environment for children to play, learn, and socialize. This popular venue combines the excitement of a play space with the convenience of a family-friendly eatery, making it a favorite destination for parents and children alike. Information can be found here.

Play Space Features

The Monkey’s Treehouse stimulates children’s imagination and physical activity. The play area includes various structures and activities catering to different ages and interests. Key features include:

  • Treehouse Play Structure The centerpiece of the play space is a giant, multi-level treehouse that children can climb, explore, and slide down. This structure encourages physical activity and imaginative play.
  • Interactive Play Areas Besides the treehouse, the play space includes interactive areas such as a train table, a play kitchen, and a dress-up area. These zones foster creativity and social interaction among children.
  • Toddler Area There is a designated toddler area with age-appropriate toys and activities for younger children. This space ensures that even the smallest visitors can play safely and enjoyably. See here for information about The Golf Sanctuary Brentwood in Brentwood, TN.

Community and Educational Programs

At the Monkey’s Treehouse, we’re not just a play space but a community hub. We host a variety of educational programs and activities, including engaging storytime sessions, creative craft workshops, and fun music classes. These programs are not just about fun; they’re about learning and growing, and we invite your children to participate.